Along with getting older comes a few perks – discounts! As baby boomers are reaching retirement age, hundreds of retailers are featuring new and improved discounts exclusively for the 50 and older crowd. Here’s are a few lists that will help save you money:

  • The 123 Best Senior Discounts to Use in 2019 – From cheaper food to savings on travel, this list from Deal News has all kinds of senior citizen discounts you can get if you’re 50 or older.
  • From The Senior List®, here’s their annual “Biggest List of Senior Discounts” for 2019. You’ll find a compilation of all of their senior discount lists, plus check out the comments section for even more, submitted by the community.
  • 100+ Stores with Senior Discounts – I first learned of this list from Brads Deals in 2017. Some people have left comments saying that it needs to be updated, so keep that in mind as you browse.
Save Money With These Discounts

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